14 Myths About Wall Murals Debunked

A good wall mural is a classic decorative choice for good reason: the right mural can add a whole lot of color to any room or outdoor surface, and can completely change the look and feel of a previously boring and empty wall. But unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about modern wall murals. Here are 14 common myths about wall murals, debunked.

custom wall mural

  1. Myth: Wall murals are only painted on.

Not so! The old-school definition of “wall mural” is often totally intertwined with paint, but newer mural design methods mean that nowadays, paint isn’t even necessary for some murals to be installed. Printed murals use UV-resistant ink instead of paint to convey imagery, resulting in a more crisp and bold display. Plus, printed imagery won’t chip or flake like paint will, and can remain pristine and bright for a lot longer under the right conditions.

Girl walking by wall mural outside
This is not an easily removable wall mural.
  1. Myth: Wall murals are difficult to clean.

Murals painted directly onto walls can be hard to clean, since doing so can damage paint and degrade a mural’s integrity. But again, today’s discussion of murals is all about the variety that are printed and installed, and not painted directly onto a wall. This new style of wall mural is easier to clean, since printed imagery won’t flake or come apart like painted imagery will. Plus, most companies that offer vinyl and other easily installed wall murals print murals in gloss finishes and other methods that are specifically designed to be easy to clean.


  1. Myth: Wall murals are not environmentally friendly.

Painted wall murals can flake and chip easily, and the resulting paint can be hazardous to surrounding environment. But most printed wall murals are a lot less of an environmental hazard, just based on the fact that they are less likely to chip or flake off paint. In addition, many companies that offer installable wall murals are committed to eco-friendly policies, and make a point of printing on materials that are not environmentally dangerous. When they are printed on the right materials and with the right inks, wall murals can actually be a very eco-friendly approach to decorating. The most popular environmental-friendly option is the HP PVC-free wallpaper printed wall mural option. These are custom printed and professionally installed.


  1. Myth: It’s difficult to get custom wall murals.

Before mural printing, getting a custom wall mural meant finding an artist that you like, making sure they were available, negotiating a reasonable fee for a custom design, and then hoping that the design you chose gets translated onto the wall well. All of which is difficult and can make custom designs prohibitively time consuming. But with printed wall murals, getting a custom print is as easy as placing an order for an image you like.


  1. Myth: My space is too big for a wall mural.

Printed wall murals can fill up HUGE spaces, so for almost all users the idea that a space is too big for a mural is simply false. Most printers can handle surprisingly large areas, like the 20 foot by 20 foot mural options we print. Plus, high quality print techniques mean that most murals which are bigger than the largest sizes offered can be printed in multiple images and seamlessly stitched together upon installation. By printing multiple prints and installing them correctly, almost no space is too big for a wall mural.

Beach wall mural
Image source: Pinterest
  1. Myth: My space is too small for a wall mural.

While a commissioned artist may turn away small spaces as not suitable for murals, when you are in charge of printing your own, any space is big enough. Typically, most printing companies will print vinyl and other materials by a square foot charge, so you may have to take that restriction into account. However, if you get in contact with your local printing shop or a shop that ships prints, most custom orders can be smaller than that, and can be designed to fit even the coziest nooks and crannies. Another option is custom wall decals, which are smaller and don’t take up the whole wall. These can be cut to any shape you need.


  1. Myth: Wall murals will fade quickly.

Part of the appeal of wall murals is their bright, popping, defined look, so nothing is worse than a mural fading and losing its brilliance. Luckily, most printed wall murals keep their luster and continue to look crisp and beautiful long after they are printed. Print quality will eventually degrade of course, just like any imagery does, but that usually takes quite a bit of time. Depending on whether your mural is installed inside or outside, and depending on what kinds of elements your mural has to contend with, it may take up to several years for you to notice your prints fading. Paint does have a tendency to lose its glow fast, but the UV-resistant specialized ink used for custom printed murals remains bright for a long time.


  1. Myth: Wall murals are only for outdoor displays.

Don’t tell an interior decorator that! Recently, wall murals have become an incredibly trendy design option for modern home owner looking to spice up empty or dreary walls inside their home. And since wall murals can be printed on low residue, easily removed materials, apartment renters can enjoy the beauty of interior wall murals too. Wall murals will actually last even longer indoors, meaning that for a low investment you can change the look and feel of your home for a long time to come. Wall murals do all the same things indoors that they do outdoors, adding color and fun to a blank wall, and are just as suitable for decorating a home’s interior as exterior.

Inspiring wall mural design
Image source via Pinterest
  1. Myth: Wall murals are only long term decorations.

Getting a wall mural painted on is certainly an investment that usually is meant for long term displays, but printed murals are well suited to short and medium term installation. Most shops that handle custom murals can print on special low adhesive, short term decorating material, meaning your mural can be intentionally designed for easy short-term use. This makes wall murals a perfect addition to corporate events, parties, and all other themed gatherings that could benefit from a little extra unique decoration.


  1. Myth: Taking down a wall mural is difficult and messy.

It can be difficult to take down a wall mural, it just all depends on what that mural is made of. Painted on murals usually are easiest to paint over, and taking them down all together can require a lot of work. And early printed designs could be messy, with lots of glue and residue to deal with. But modern custom printed designs are intentionally crafted in most cases to be easy up, easy down decorating solutions. In fact, as we noted above, lots of companies even make low adhesive options available, so you can take murals down quickly and easily if you don’t like them. Taking down a modern, printed mural requires very little hassle and makes very little mess. The options we sell can actually be removed just with water and a sponge.


  1. Myth: You can’t install your own wall murals.

Painting your own wall mural would certainly require a whole lot of skill, but modern printed wall murals can be easily self-installed with a little guidance. If you really think you can’t install your own wall mural, call your local print shop and ask if they can help with an in person consultation and installation follow-up after you’ve ordered a print. Or, see if you can figure out how to get a print installed on your own, and call your print shop to troubleshoot. Overall, installing a custom printed wall mural is actually incredibly easy, and just about anybody can do it on their own.


  1. Myth: Wall murals can only be installed on a smooth surface.

Ideally, the surface where you install your wall mural should be free of bumps and should be relatively clean and smooth, but this doesn’t always need to be the case. Newer printed models may have enough adhesive to stick to some bumps, just ask your local print shop what they have available. Also, there are a lot of workarounds to make it easier to install a printed mural if you have a wall that isn’t ideal. Solutions can be as cheap as a thin strip of wallpaper applied under the area where you’d like a mural to hang.


  1. Myth: Any image can be used for a wall mural.

Unfortunately, this is one myth that we wish was true but just isn’t. While technically almost any image COULD be blown up for a wall, most shops only work with higher definition source imagery that is over a certain size. Otherwise, your wall mural won’t look great, and might be pixelated or otherwise have some issues of clarity. If you want your wall mural to look good, make sure you ask your local print shop what their imagery requirements are, and stick to those guidelines. I used to make the mistake in the past of thinking that any old photo could be blown up, but actually it has to be high quality to not get pixelated.


  1. Myth: Wall murals are too expensive for most people to afford.

Printed murals are actually fairly inexpensive, and are a very cheap design option for the value and beauty they can add to a room or wall. Look into what’s really available, and you’ll find wall murals are probably cheaper than you think. One word of advice when looking for cheap wall murals and decals is to ask about the quality of the material used, as this makes a difference in the life of the product.

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  1. What brand paste do you recommend for glueing wall mural to wall. I have an 80 square foot mural on 4 pollen canvas panels to install and would like some advice on brand, dilution ration and best technique for installation.
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